Aussie Shade Sails can provide complete design and installation service. We work with property owners, architects, landscape architects, designers, developers and contractors, and can provide assistance at any stage of a project including help with initial proposals.

Sails can be attached to existing structures (secure points) on houses, carports, trees or where this is not possible, steel or wooden poles can be used. With custom designed fittings we can accommodate nearly any situation.


Aussie Shade Sails are simple to install yourself, if a few simple rules are applied.

Before commencing installation; consider the strength of existing structures to be used as anchor points, position of, and the ability to insert posts. It is advisable to lean posts back 5% and to embed them in a concrete footing 900mm to1800mm deep and 300mm to 500mm in diameter with one third of the poles total length in the ground. Concrete should be left to set for 24 hours before final tensioning of the sail.

Place the sail on the ground in the proposed position; provide enough room to add hardware, screw turnbuckles out to full extension.
To accurately fix hardware in the correct position, and this is very important, use a string line the size of the sail plus extended hardware between proposed fixing points.
For the best effect use more than one sail, various corner heights and a variety of colours.

Sails should have a separation of 400mm to avoid chafing. Fixing to fascias is not recommended unless fascia can be reinforced or connected to the rafters. Aussie Shade Sails can supply you with all the hardware you will need, custom made brackets, marine quality 316 stainless steel turnbuckle, shackles, pad eyes, eye bolts, eye nuts, snap hooks and chain for extensions to remote fixing points.

Also galvanized fittings where a less permanent, more economical structure is required.

When all fixing points are fitted and concrete set, pre-tension sails evenly to about 50 kilo by tightening turnbuckles DO NOT OVER TENSION this will damage your sail.
When the sail has settled in after about 7 days, a little more tensioning may be required.

Only a little tensioning from time to time is all that is required for many years of pleasure and protection from your Aussie Shade Sail.


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